About Performance Motorsports Inc.
The History Of PMi

Performance Motorsports Inc was created from a vision of the Dover Corporation to define an umbrella company that contained the best of the best in the Automotive/Powersports worlds. This umbrella company would allow the separate companies to share engineering and technological resources to further expand market share and provide a superior product for our customers. The vision of combining such companies also allows each company to share in the financial backing of Dover, which will allow the companies to invest in the latest engineering and manufacturing resources.

Wiseco Piston Inc. was the first acquisition by Dover in 1998 to begin building the framework for a larger company to dominate the performance Automotive/Powersports aftermarket. Wiseco Piston Inc. was founded in 1941 and is currently the #1 market leader in the USA for high performance pistons in the Powersports market (i.e. motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s and personal watercraft). Wiseco has since expanded its base and now offers much more than just pistons; which makes them a one stop shop for aftermarket performance parts in the Powersports arena. Wiseco has also begun to expand into the automotive market and continues to gain share on custom and off the shelf pistons for import and domestic automotive applications.

Realizing the future opportunities in the European market, Wiseco and its management team pursued ProX Inter BV based in Amsterdam within six months of joining Dover. This would allow the future PMi Company to expand easily across the world and gain even more market share in a fast growing foreign market. ProX was founded in 1975 and brought its extensive line of cast pistons, connecting rod kits, bearings, and clutch baskets to the table. Their buying power and business knowledge of the US and European markets would make the ProX team a valuable asset to the future organization.

Having laid the groundwork for the Powersports market, Wiseco and their new management team put in place by the Dover Corporation set out to further expand in the Automotive market and were presented with an opportunity to acquire JE Pistons based in Huntington Beach California. JE Pistons was founded in 1947 and is the #1 market leader in the USA for high performance forged pistons in the automotive aftermarket. JE’s reputation in the automotive and racing industry made them a very valuable asset. This acquisition united the market leaders from Powersports and Automotive under one umbrella, providing a significant advantage over all competitors.

Along with the acquisition of JE came the creation of Performance Motorsports Inc. in June of 1999. While each company within PMI will continue to operate independently, they are bound by a common strategy and an intense focus on serving customer needs in the performance aftermarket. The PMI story is not unique within Dover but is an excellent example of how a focused management group with a clear strategy has been able to build up a group of complementary businesses into a cohesive business unit providing an overall system solution to a growing customer base.

K1 Technologies, which offers top quality Connecting Rods and Crankshafts at an affordable price was brought onboard in 2008. This arrangement will allow PMi to expand into the rotating assembly sector and provide a top quality alternative for our customers.

The acquisition of Innovate Motorsports in 2009 announced our entry into electronic tuning market. Based in California, Innovate Motorsports develops and manufactures universal digital tuning tools for nearly all internal combustion engines. The company’s core technologies are patent-pending digital circuits that greatly improve upon current analog designs. With the growing trend of EFI in both the automotive and powersports markets, this venture will allow us to lead the way in tuning these state of the art engines.


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